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MCN Hockey Club and MCN Basketball Club offer selects players the opportunity to represent the United States in International competition. Whether it's walking the streets of Paris, seeing the history of Italy, swimming in the Baltic Sea or having coffee at the foothill of the Alps, we offer you and your family an experience you will never forget.  

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Ice Hockey Tournaments

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U15 Mountain Cup Challenge 
Milan and Torino, Italy.
Boys tournament
April 18-27.2021
U14-U20 Finland Lions Cup. 
Helsinki, Finland. Trip includes stops in Sweden and Estonia. 
Boys and Girls tournaments 
July 31- Aug 9th . 2021
Fussen Cup, U13 & U15
Munich and Fussen Germany.
Boys /Co-ed teams
U13 Warrior World Cup 
Paris and Tours, France
Boys/ Co-ed teams 
April 11-19th. 2021
Thanksgiving Break Tour
Germany and Austria
Prep School and College teams
Boys and Girls teams
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Basketball Tournaments

Euro Youth Basketball Cup 
Barcelona, Spain
Boys/ Girls teams
June 13-21. 2021